Tuesday, May 20, 2008


So in just couple days we all get to board the train and head for California!!! I'm so excited!! Traveling by train is the BEST! For those of you who take planes and cars i'm happy it works for you, but for me and my small family we have fallen in love with the train. We get a little roommette which has two chairs that face each other and at night fold into a bed. There is also a bed that swings down from the top to making enough room for two to sleep just fine. We eat on the train and our meals are included in fare. What could be better. No seat belts! There are showers to use, beds to sleep in, free juice and you can roam the train. I LOVE IT! I would recommend that all people try the train at least once!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Happy Day to all and the deceased

Interesting title for a blog i think. I just wanted somewhere to mention that today is/was my little sister's birthday. So, i'm just thinking about her a little today. (You all know me, so i'm assuming you remember my little died two years ago). But i wanted to say happy day to all because today is BEAUTIFUL day! Riley and i walked to the park and got all dirty from him throwing the ground everywhere.

The next baby is kicking around in my tummy LIKE MAD! Jackie baby sat Riley for me on the 22nd and Micah and I got to go on a real date for our 3 year wedding anniversary. That would our first real date, one without Riley, in like a year or so. Planning for baby sitting is so hard for me!

That's all. bye!