Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Change to More Fun Topics

So I read some of the other blogs and am envious as to how people remember the cute and funny stories from their daily life that their kids do and I am now going to dedicate myself to try to remember these stories and share them for all to enjoy. Riley really is a hoot! I think he does funny stuff all the time, but many of you may not think so.

So today is Riley's 2nd birthday and my sister brought him over a gift. She got him a little chalk board because he LOVES chalk! So for about an hour today he was walking around the house with chalk in hand saying, "chalks". He likes for you repeat him so he knows that you understand.

Later he found a belt, my belt. Because of the enormity of my belly (being almost in the 9th month of pregnancy) I haven't worn a belt for quite some time. Well, his papa does so he told me, "belt, papa!" I corrected him telling him it was my belt and he again said, "No, belt, papa!" I guess I am no longer a belt wearer, that title belongs to papa.

So these are cheesy stories, hopefully i will remember the funniest ones to share with y'all!


becky said...

I didn't know that you were almost in your ninth month of pregnancy! That is awesome. Soon you will have two little ones to write about and all the fun things happening to them.

Minnette said...

What a little "cutie" can't wait to hear more..